Zitto watches, instructions for use


You bought a Zitto watch and now you need to change the time or date but do not know how? Do not worry, nothing more simple.

Follow these few steps:

1 – Press to display the time on the clock;
2 – With the time displayed press and hold the center of the dial until the leds of the hour flashes (about 3-4 seconds);
3 – Press repeatedly until you reach the desired time;
4 – Hold down until the numbers flash in the center;
5 – Press repeatedly until you reach the correct minutes;
6 – Hold for 3-4 seconds;
7 – Now flashes the ring of hours which in this case represents the month (there is only one led);
8 – Press repeatedly until you reach the correct position (please note that the hour 1 represents January, the hour 2 represents February, and so on);
9 – Hold still for 3-4 seconds;
10 – Adjust the day by pressing the middle, where before there were minutes;
11 – Hold for 3-4 seconds, or let the clock turns off automatically;
12 – Your watch is perfectly set and ready to use.

Read instructions:

Remember that if you do not perform any action for more than 3-4 seconds, your Zitto watch out immediately by setting mode and stop flashing and now on standby. With the data stored up to that point. You must then repeat the setting from the beginning. Because even if you have to change only the day (last value you can change), you have to bypass all other previous values.

And finally, how it works:

When setting the time, the second led horizontally over the minutes indicate that the time is afternoon (led is next to the countdown for switching off the watch), while if the same remains off means that the time is morning session. This arrangement allows you to adjust the Zitto watch correctly with the date change at midnight. Otherwise you could find yourself an incorrect value.

If despite these explanations, you have problems to adjust the time or date, please contact us by email.