Where we are

Origins – Located in the heart of the Caprese town, in the center of the medieval quarter, it is reached from Piazza Umberto I by first taking Via Le Botteghe and then turning onto Via Madonna delle Grazie. Squeezed between the houses there is the churchyard of the church of Sant’Anna, raised on some steps, with three rustic columns that once supported a pergola. This area initially constituted the main nucleus of the totality of the inhabited center of Capri. Among the oldest buildings on the island, it was also a parish until 1595. Originally named after Saints Peter and Paul in Carcara, then in Sant’Andrea in Portula and finally in Santa Maria delle Grazie. It only later took the name of Sant’Anna for the presence of a painting on canvas depicting the saint and for the general use of performing, in this small church, the rite of purification forty days after the birth of the child. From this road also converge some narrow streets and bottlenecks, which enter the medieval village.

Entrance of the church of Sant’Anna

Position – The jewelry and watches store Capri Kronos by Mario Ruocco is located at the very beginning of Via Madonna delle Grazie. At the intersection with Via Le Botteghe, or in the heart of the historic center, within the ancient medieval village and a few meters from piazza Umberto I of Capri. To get to Via Madonna delle Grazie directly from the Piazzetta, you have to cross the arch next to the Gran Caffè bar and the Della Monica tobacco shop. On the street there are several hotels, restaurants and commercial activities. Finally, this road represents a living example of the cross-section of daily life of the inhabitants of the island of Capri, and is animated in both summer and winter.capri-kronos-mario-ruocco

Window of store Capri Kronos by Mario Ruocco

Company – Capri Kronos is the brainchild of Mario Ruocco, a member of a historic family of goldsmiths, jewelers and watchmakers of Capri since 1947, after having achieved a thorough professional experience in the watch industry, jewelery and accessories fashionable in the family business, he opened his own shop online of watches and jewels that achieves a good success. The company is based on sound principles of honesty, seriousness and transparency, as in the best traditions business, allowing them to affect a great number of customers, both in Italy and abroad. After this positive experience, Mario Ruocco then decided to also open its store on the island of Capri in the historic center, a few steps from the famous Piazza Umberto I, better known as the Piazzetta.