Personalize your gift with an engraving

In recent years, even the world of jewelery has undergone strong technological progress, which has led over time to abandon outdated tools and techniques in favor of new technologies capable of widening the horizons of realization.

A striking example of technological innovation in the goldsmith world is found in the marking and laser engraving, an extraordinary multifunctional technology that in a short time totally replaced the pantograph and the mechanical engraving by scratching, allowing to mark any metal object with millesimal precision, thus guaranteeing engravings otherwise impossible to carry out.

We wanted to bridge this distance by equipping ourselves with a new laser marking machine capable of producing unparalleled quality and precision micro-incisions, to satisfy all the needs of our customers, offering a complete and exclusive service, such as the laser engraving service.

Personalized engraving accessories have a story to tell. They embody emotions, stories, words that somehow want to impress on a jewel, thus giving eternity to the message to be transmitted and uniqueness to the jewel itself.

The opportunities to give a personalized object become so many and range from the engagement proposal to the gift to friends, from the Christmas gift, to the birthday gift or to the name-day, to baptism, from communion to graduation, etc.!

In our laboratory we can customize every type of ring, bracelet, pendant, choker, watch, medal, pen, etc. Our machine allows you to mark objects of any metal or not, both internally and externally. With models for both men and women, where you can engrave names, initials, poems, songs, dates, phrases, images, symbols, photos, logos, brands and texts. And it is also complete with software that can import files from the most popular graphics or design programs and in any format.

Compatibly with the available space, or rather with readability by the naked eye, the length of the texts for the incisions is unlimited. Moreover, whoever relies on our laboratory has the possibility to choose the character that most convinces him, by selecting the font, the size and the style most suited to the message to be engraved.

And the engraving that you thought to celebrate the anniversary, personalize the wedding ring or celebrate how your 25 years of marriage deserve it, you can have it both internally and externally. Both with diamond and mill engraving. The only limit is your imagination!