Measurement of the wrist size

misura-del-polsoThe measures according to the type:

– Bracelet: To measure the pulse can use a tape measure. With the meter face around the wrist at the point where wearing the bracelet. Read and write down the number that is superimposed on the meter to 0. If you prefer that the cuff is a little off, add 1.5 cm. You can add or subtract a few inches depending on how you prefer to wear the bracelet (large, right or tight fit).

– Watch: If you have the right size a watch strap / bracelet flexible (leather strap, fabric strap, metal bracelet not closed), put forth the strap / bracelet on a flat surface and take the measure with a ruler from the top along the length of the clip. Take note of the measure and make sure that the length of the bracelet that are going to choose to be as close as possible to the watch in his possession.