Look@me, observing and being observed


A perfect combination of tradition, design, innovation and creativity that has given rise to a mood based on a vision of youth and internationally. Right in the face of obstacles and the need to find new trends, emerging real quality and good ideas take shape.

Quality and excellence are the guiding principle of the company. Look@me: synonymous with creativity, tradition and style. A concept created to export the Italian style in a world that is always watching us with admiration and respect for the ability to join in every sector and quality assurance.

The company goal is to create accessories for easy identification and interpretation in order to ensure the broadest and diverse customer satisfaction. The glasses, a subject that for years regardless of age or gender, is the must-have of the consumer. Hides emotions, sensations amplifies, by a touch of glamor to the wearer.

Look@me, bracelets of different colors and materials to suit all tastes, gold, silver, plastic and leather made ​​in Italy. Buy them now on the online store of Capri Kronos: http://shop.caprikronos.com/webstore-online/Look@me