Clean gold objects at home

oggetti-oro-gialloOur precious jewelry often are victims of bullying, their bright start to fade and are no longer twinkling as they once were. How to do then to see them return to former glories? And how to act to try to delay or prevent this?

Often in supermarkets there are many products that sometimes did not work, and in those cases we are forced to resort to professional Jewellers. Here we analyze homemade methods, which could be a viable alternative.

The first method, recommended for objects that do not have stones that could be damaged with the temperature changes, is to put our Gold object in a saucepan with water, the amount should not be neither too much nor too little, but a proper dose based on the surface of the object we’re going to clean up. Pour dishwashing liquid detergent in water (do not use those powdered because abrasives), bringing everything to a boiling point over low heat. At this point, empty the saucepan and rinse our object under lukewarm water and dry carefully. For polishing use a cotton swab soaked in alcohol and rub gently.

The second method, also valid for precious stones, is to prepare a compound with a tablespoon of liquid soap and a tablespoon of baking soda. Stir the mixture, so that it becomes like a paste, and then rub gently with his finger and accuracy. Finally rinse under lukewarm water and dry well.

The third method, which is also suitable for objects that also have gemstones, is to prepare a solution into a cup half water and half ammonia. The object is immersed for 30 minutes. At this point remove from solution and scrub with a toothbrush with soft bristles around the frame. To rinse just dip it again in the same Cup. Always remember to dry well.

Of course it is always better to prevent a gold object should be cleaned and polished, the advice is to not wear them during House because detergents such as bleach or other compounds may damage them. Conservation is important also, trying to keep the precious separated from each other, perhaps wrapped in soft cloths.

For precious jewelry which can be considered more fragile or delicate, the best solution is always to take them from a trusted jeweler, for a more professional and safe cleaning.