The Citizen Eco-Drive technology


The idea of ​​Citizen watch modern addressed to the third millennium

The watch is a good thing that each of us is daily and can be called a true life partner. Citizen Eco-Drive change with this relationship of cohabitation that until now entailed the need to perform periodic maintenance operations and maintenance : by the change of battery for conventional watches quartz , a more or less regular maintenance for mechanical watches that having moving parts suffer wear phenomena . All time consuming tasks , from the point of view of ecological-environmental ( waste batteries ) and still make “our fellow adventure” dependent on us and never totally independent and reliable.

With Eco – Drive is no longer necessary to change the battery : the autonomy of the clock does not have the limitations of battery that runs out , they are so drastically reduced the maintenance and assistance with the costs involved. The Eco-Drive technology is characterized by the use of natural energy sources , clean , inexhaustible and easily accessible: first of all the Light. Eco- Drive turns any type of light into electrical energy .

The principle of operation of the Eco-Drive technology is the following : the clock must be able to feed itself by finding the energy in the external world , transforming themselves into electricity and storing excess energy produced to ensure a continuity of operation in the time . The clock absorbs any type of light from the dial , a solar cell underlying transforms it into electricity that is stored in a high-capacity battery , which releases it according to the needs of the clock , ensuring their autonomy even in case lack of charging for extended periods of time .

Solar cell
It’s consists of amorphous silicon : it is the most efficient generator as it converts into electricity and natural light and artificial . It also absorbs the light from any corner of this hit him .

Secondary accumulator
Is the key to the Eco-Drive system : it is an accumulator of high-performance lithium – ion titanium with a large storage capacity . It ‘s an accumulator clean as it contains no mercury cadmium lead or other toxic materials. Despite its small size can store energy for continuous operation without recharging the watch up to 1.3 years (depending on model). Provides a constant amount of energy to the movement even in conditions of insufficient charging , ensuring precision and continuity of measurement . The decline in performance and efficiency of the accumulator does not exceed 20 % after 20 years of operation. Its duration is probably higher than the watch itself . You can truly say that as long as there is any source of light Eco-Drive watches will continue to operate without interruption or any damage .

A sophisticated integrated circuit regulates the operation of the various elements . More complex functions the watch has the chip becomes more sophisticated . The integrated circuit of the Eco-Drive provides a clock operation with a maximum margin of error less than 10 seconds / year . The integrated circuit also corrects malfunctions due to power failures or fluctuations in temperature . Constantly monitors the battery voltage to always ensure a proper supply of electricity to the movement. It also handles all the complex functions of the watch as a stopwatch, alarms , timer etc. .

The dial determines the character of a clock. Eco-drive models in the quadrant is allocated above the solar cell . Because the system is based on the light , the dial must be transmissive of light, so that this reaches the underlying solar cell and is transformed into electricity. The transmissivity of a dial directly involves its appearance : lighter color of the dial is more transmissivity is low, because the light is reflected. Citizen has made a lot of efforts in research and development of light-colored dials but with a high rate of transmissivity and appearance in line with the aesthetics and design of the watch coming to use the dials of ceramic material.

Ceramic dials
They have the characteristic of hardness and can be treated to the desired degree of gloss and sanding . To compensate for the fragility of the ceramic around the perimeter of the dial is reinforced with a thin metal ring and the rear and on the back of the dial is applied an adhesive material that prevents the fragmentation in the event of impact and breakage. The same technique is used for the realization of the precious masks ornamental ceramic , enabling machining with ceramic thicknesses minimized.

Characteristics of the models that use the Eco-Drive technology
No need for battery change. A full charge allows the clock operating up to 1.3 years (depending on model). Electricity can be generated from any light source. Until that is placed in an environment with a minimum of light , the clock continues the process of charging and storage of energy even if not worn or left immobile. The system of electricity generation has no moving parts, so it does not need any maintenance . The large capacity of production of electrical energy from light allows the use of complicated movements multifunction ( chronograph, alarm , timer , etc. . ) . The quick start function allows the immediate operation of the clock even when it was forgotten for years in a drawer. The do not require periodic replacement of the battery, allows you to build the chest of Eco-Drive in a single block , thus ensuring greater resistance to the clock , great strength and impermeability. The construction of the box to block means having the cash made ​​from a single piece , without the traditional stuck or screwed case back pressure . The advantages are the strength and solidity of the lock case and the best water resistance of the watch compared to the models with bottom closure and seals . High safety and reliability of performance : not having a battery subject to availability provides a constant and uninterrupted performance required , and this is particularly appreciated by those using the watch for sports activities , such as the timings or diving because continuity is ensured and accuracy of measurements while the watches to traditional battery may stop making measurements or lose reliability for the sudden power failure or exhaustion of the stack.

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