Casio, the alarm clock on your bedside table

casio-watch_wake-up-timerSleeping well is important and it is even more if you can rely on the right alarm. Those who think that reliability and punctuality are first and foremost, will surely find the right alarm in watch store Capri Kronos by Mario Ruocco. In our store you can find a wide assortment of analog and digital alarms from the Casio collection.

At home as well as traveling, quartz or radio controlled, the alarms are always accurate and reliable. Small, lightweight and shockproof thanks to the resin case: these are the features that make a Casio alarm a special travel companion able to withstand small bumps.

In particular, the Casio radio controlled alarms are able to assist us around the world. They automatically synchronize in different regions of the world, ensuring absolute precision regardless of where we are. There will be no need to set either the legal or the solar time from time to time: most Casio alarms will do it automatically.

Casio’s alarm clocks can be used under any circumstances without having to replace the battery for more than a year. Depending on the model, these alarms will convince us through the LED display lighting and their countless functions that will make a small alarm an information center. Some examples are the outdoor temperature display, the calendar function, the time zone setting as well as the daily alarm setting.

Most Casio alarms are designed to read the time even in the dark. In particular, with analogue alarms with fluorescent loudspeakers or with a bright display, you can know the time even if you are in the dark without having to press any button for lighting.

There are so many little details that make Casio awake so special. They are robust, innovative, functional and especially silent until the morning. Obviously, when it’s time to get you out of bed, they will also be extremely ruthless.