Assistance and repair of watches to Capri

A basic premise. While hoping that his wristwatch not ever need any repairs, remember that at the jewellery and watchmaking Capri Kronos by Mario Ruocco are made settings, audits, inspections, maintenance and repairs of all brands of watches, both analog and digital. In addition to automatic or manual winding. Among the most common operations performed there is also the development of measurement bracelets for watches. And also the replacement of all parts subject to wear or to consumption, such as the batteries supply the watches with quartz movement, stainless steel or titanium bracelets and leather straps, nylon or silicone.

Obviously, our shop has all the spare parts for your watch and if they were not available at the moment, will order the supply as soon as possible. All replaced parts are original and are delivered directly from the manufacturer or authorized service centers.

Finally, we also offer the service to the pressure test and vacuum test for all diving watches, with the release of its certificate of the result and the parameters of the water resistance test.

All repairs will be evaluated first and then if the customer accepts its budget, made shortly.

We remember that we are always available to our customers for any advice, suggestion or information useful for your loved wristwatch. You can go at our store in Via Longano, we belong to a historic family of watchmakers in Capri from 1947.