Casio G-Shock - Unbreakable watch Casio G-Shock - Unbreakable watch Since its birth in 1983, Casio G-Shock has continued its unrestrained evolution while retaining its unique basic structure. Durable and waterproof watches for every activity. Philip Watch - A history of ancient prestige Philip Watch, Swiss watches and Italian design since 1858. A historic brand synonymous with high quality and elegant style, refined and timeless. The oldest brand of Swiss watches Made in Italy. Philip Watch - A history of ancient prestige2Jewels - Fashionable jewelry steel 2Jewels - Fashionable jewelry steel 2Jewels is a trademark of innovative jewelry founded in 1999, by strictly Italian design, with steel products, bronze and silver, both in models for men and in women's models. Capri Time Watches - The original from 1983 For centuries the life of the islanders flows to the rhythm of its bell tower and the Capri Time by Pippo Perez is the symbol of the famous Piazzetta of Capri in its dial. Capri Time Watches - The original from 1983Citizen Watches - Your passion safely Citizen Watches - Your passion safely Every Citizen Watch Eco-Drive Aqualand Promaster is certified ISO 6425, which guarantees the perfect working underwater. Jewels Amen - Wear the words of faith Amen comes from the desire to give words of faith to always be close to their loved ones because they feel protected, loved, never alone. With the Our Father and the Ave Maria engraved on the ring finger always lead to. And also the collection of Rosaries. Jewels Amen - Wear the words of faithBliss Jewels - Sober and always elegant Bliss Jewels - Sober and always elegant Jewelry Bliss, to celebrate the preciousness of each day. Style, elegance and innovation characterize the jewelry Bliss for women and men, in white gold and diamonds. Breil Watches - Unmistakable Italian charm Breil is a pioneering brand since 1939, famous for its technical quality and design of its watches. Always anticipates the trends and new style rules with new proposals and surprising. Breil Watches - Unmistakable Italian charmSector watches - Passion without limits Sector watches - Passion without limits Wristwatches indestructible by Italian design for people who love to test themselves and never gives up, this is Sector No Limits since 1973. Casio - First digital watch Casio presents in 1974 the first wristwatches with digital displays. The watches are introduced onto the market with the name Casiotron. A revolution in the world of watchmaking. Casio - First digital watch

Curiosity and differences of the watches

The watch is an indication of time and the measurement of time spent.

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Measurement of the wrist size

Find out how to find the right size of the bracelet or watch by measuring your wrist.

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Clean gold objects at home

Do you just want to make your jewels glittering again in gold?

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